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I attended TRTMA in 2019-2020. I highly recommended this massage school. I enrolled with high expectations and those expectations were met. The classes are packed full information. Everything you’ll need to learn in order to succeed as a massage therapist. My favorite part was clinicals and the hands on training. Our instructor was there every step of the way if we had any questions. I couldn’t be more thankful for her guidance. Thank you Twin Rivers Therapeutic Massage Academy. I am now a licensed massage therapist. I love my job!

Cambria Hahn

Twin Rivers Therapeutic Massage Academy completely changed my life. I signed up for the program, was able to work a full time job and attend classes at night. The courses and instructors gave me the knowledge and skills needed to pass the state board exam to become a licensed massage therapist.

Today I am a self employed successful licensed massage therapist using the skills I learned while attending Twin Rivers Therapeutic Massage Academy. Jolene Ross, owner of the school, thanks to her passion for massage, years of experience, and need to share this knowledge with others has allowed people like myself to help others through the healing touch of massage and has given me financial independence.

I am proud to say I was the first graduate from Twin Rivers. I love sharing my success story with others and it is all possible because of Jolene Ross and Twin Rivers Therapeutic Academy.

Sincerely, Allison Zimms

I graduated from TRTMA in 2020. When someone finds out that I had recently graduated and am a newer therapist, they are shocked and always ask, “what school did you go to?” I smile and gladly state, Twin River Therapeutic Massage Academy!

One thing I love to share about TRTMA  is how the school goes above and beyond to teach different modalities! I have spoke with other therapist and it makes me realize how this school wants you walking out 110% ready to take on your massage career. Completely ready with knowledge of ethics, pathology, business, etc.  And fully confident in your abilities as a massage therapist.
If you are considering a massage school, I would very highly recommend TRTMA!
~Jana Brown

It can be intimidating trying to figure out the next step in life. I can honestly say, I never would have thought being a licensed Massage Therapist would have been my future, but now I wouldn’t have it any other way. Twin Rivers Therapeutic Massage Academy, changed my future and my outlook on the profession, while helping me find my place in this life.

As a graduating student from Twin Rivers Therapeutic Massage Academy, I was taught to challenge myself to think outside the box and apply techniques with adequate knowledge to ensure I met my client’s needs, while keeping in mind their safety. I believe this academy provides a successful curriculum, which has helped many massage students pass the MBLEX exam and a fully licensed massage therapist.

As a graduating student, this hands on program has allowed me to accomplish things I never would’ve thought possible. I’m confident in my skills, because of the time and effort TRMTA put into my schooling, pushing me to new heights, and helping become who I am today.

Regards, Taylor Baldwin, LMT.

I had the fortune of enrolling in Twin Rivers Therapeutic Massage Academy in 2019 and graduated in the fall of 2020. The layout of courses, depth of the course work and smaller class size created a positive approach for learning.

A strong benefit of Twin Rivers Therapeutic Massage Academy is the accumulated hours of the program. Idaho requires a minimum of 500 combined hours for a qualified massage based program and Twin Rivers offers a total of 930 hours. Even though the hours of the program are more than many other schools, another attractive feature was the schedule allowed me to attend school and still manage hours available for part time work.

There is a strong focus on learning the systems of the body and its functions in preparing a student for what is to come when handling the human physique. I was a big fan of massage lab work with people off the street coming in because it offered a variety of body types as well as different scenarios of what each client expressed they needed towards their tissue. Throughout the program there are also special weekend sessions where other modalities are taught and shown such as Sports Massage and Lomi Lomi to name a few.

Becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist isn’t just about absorbing each subject so one can understand what’s happening to the body with massage and how we as therapists can affect positive change, it’s also about passing the MBLEX test allowing one to become certified. There is sufficient time spent preparing for the test along with access to aids designed to make studying more effective.

One amazing feature of the school is the work off program for paying off tuition. Upon completing the required lab hours for the program and if there is a balance left on the tuition one can opt to work it off by logging more hours. Each massage hour subtracts a certain amount financially until one has paid their balance. I felt taking this approach was extremely advantageous because it allowed me to get more ‘tissue time’ to hone my skills and ‘touch’ with massage work.

I’m confident anyone looking for a quality massage program will be pleased with Twin Rivers Therapeutic Massage Academy and what it has to offer. It truly is a gem of a school located in the heart of the Gem State.

Bert Sims, LMT, FR® ,FRC®