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As a professional, how much massage can I expect to be able to perform?

On average, a seasoned massage therapist can perform 4 to 6 hours of massage daily and maintain their energy and stamina.

Can I start and stop the program?

There are accommodations made for stopping and restarting the program. Information can be found in the catalog under Re-admission Procedure, Add/Drop period, Applying for a Leave of Absence, Returning From a Leave of Absence, and Maximum Time Frame Policy. All requests to start or stop the program must be submitted in writing to the Director of Education.

Can I switch from day to night classes or vice versa?

The Twin Rivers Massage License Program is structured in a way makes it very difficult to switch from a day class to night or night class to day. No two classes will start on the same date, and a switch may result in having to make up classes or repeat classes.  However, Twin Rivers recognizes that students may have extenuating circumstances that create a need to change class times. A request to switch day/night classes should be made to the Director of Education, who along with the student and Registrar, will review options for class make-up or repeats, and other arrangements to accommodate the switch based on the student’s needs and academic standing.

Do you have a home study program?

Because of the “hands-on” nature of this course of study, most classes are held at twinriverstma, and are not offered as a home study; the only exception being the Ethics class. Ethics will be offered as a home study course with a few of its classes being held on campus for testing and review.

Is everything included in the tuition price? (Table, books, etc.)

Tuition includes the following:

  • All books (note: the Pathology book will continue to be the property of the school and is to be returned at the end of the course, unmarked or marred. Unreturned books or damaged books will be assessed a fee equivalent to the cost of replacement.).
  • A uniform top with school logo, one oil holster, clinic supplies, use of massage tables in the classroom and Massage Skills Lab.
  • $200.00 credit toward a massage table or chair upon completion of Massage License Program.
  • One time State Licensing testing fee paid within 6 months of program completion.
What can I expect to be paid after being licensed?

The pay received by the licensed massage therapists varies based on location, employer contract, or the price set by the Massage Therapist themselves. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the national average salary for a massage therapist was $39,920 as of May 2011. The median annual salary reported was $35,830. The lowest-paid 25 percent of all massage therapists surveyed reported an hourly wage of $11.93 or less and an annual salary of $24,810.

What can I look forward to in getting a job? There are a lot of massage therapists out there already.

The most common job placements are at a spa/salon, chiropractic office, or private practice. Gyms and fitness centers are hiring more and more Massage Therapists. As your education continues (the state required Continuing Education or CE classes to maintain your license), you will find that you lean toward a specialty in your massage practice which makes you more desirable and in more of a demand. twinriverstma’s goal is to provide a comprehensive program, so when students move from Idaho to another state, they are well qualified to take that state’s exam and continue their massage practice across the nation. However, if you are considering/contemplating a move to or living in another state, please verify licensure requirements or know additional licensure requirements may be required for states other than Idaho and Washington.

What if I am already licensed in another field? (O.T., Nurse, etc.)

Massage Therapy is a very specific field, and while licensing in other fields is common and may enhance the Massage License Program, they cannot replace it. Likewise being licensed in another field is enhanced by taking the Massage License Program.

What if I started at another school and want to change schools? Are credits transferable from the school?

The only accepted credit transfer at Twin Rivers is for Human Anatomy & Physiology as long as the previous education received in that class is equivalent to the requirements for the A&P class held by Twin Rivers.

Will it be too hard for me to learn?

We make every effort to accommodate multiple learning styles, schedules, and needs.  Each individual is unique and whether or not the course is too hard will depend entirely on your dedication and perseverance to the program, and your willingness to work with our faculty and staff.

Will we be “certified” to practice massage when we complete the course?

You will receive a Certificate of Completion indicating that you have successfully completed the state and school requirements for Twin Rivers Massage License Program.  Once you receive your certificate you are then eligible to take the state licensing exam to become licensed Massage Therapists. When you pass the state exam, you will then be able to practice Massage Therapy.