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Continuing Education: Your Key to Continued Success!

Twin Rivers offers a variety of continuing education hours to help you stay current and remain certified. Some courses have prerequisite requirements – please check with Admissions regarding continuing education courses.

Pain Relief Techniques:

Craniosacral Therapy I:

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This seminar will give the health care practitioner the confidence and proficiency to develop a truly masterful touch. At the end of this advanced workshop, therapists will be able to assess the Craniosacral System and accurately and effectively treat bodily restrictions and cranial lesions with confidence and skill.

About the Event:

Craniosacral Therapy I:  evaluation and interpretation of the normal and abnormal craniosacral rhythm, introduction to the cranial vault holds in evaluation and treatment. Assessing the movement patterns of the cranial bones and understanding their importance to specific symptoms. Scanning, Direction of Energy Techniques and Dural Tube work. Advanced Cranial Vault Holds and cranial bone specific techniques including Frontal, Occipital, Sphenoid, Temporal, Maxilla, Hyoid and Vomer Techniques, Advanced Dural Tube work and innovative approaches for dealing with whole body and Cranio-Facial pain patterns and introduction to SomatoEmotional Release.

This course will teach the practitioner highly advanced treatment skills that go far beyond the expectations for the normal weekend seminar.

Note: This class is 16 Contact hours and is NCBTMB Certified for CEUs

This is an important and revolutionary work.

What to Bring:

  •  Comfortable, loose fitting clothing
  •  Pillow and Blanket or Pad
  •  Massage Table (optional but highly recommended)

​About the Instructor:

Steve Heinrich, PT has been a practicing physical therapist for over thirty-five years and has been teaching Craniosacral Therapy and Myofascial Release seminars for over thirty years.  He was a senior clinical instructor with Myofascial Release Seminars Inc throughout most of the nineties and into the two thousands, and has studied with John Barnes, PT and Dr. John Upledger for many years.  Steve’s articles on Craniosacral Therapy have been published many times in dental, physical therapy, massage therapy journals, and have been used extensively in the teaching materials of his mentors.

When and Where:

Hells Canyon Grand Hotel March 25, 2023 and March 26, 2023


Saturday: Registration 8:00 AM Class: 8:30am—5:00pm

Sunday Class: 9:00am – 5:30pm